COVID-19 Announcement

Dear Customers – Family – Friends- and the Cape Cod Community,

Many lives over the past few weeks and months have changed in profound and unimaginable ways due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Yesterday, Charlie Baker, Governor of Massachusetts announced that all non-essential workers are to cease all work for a two-week period. While HVAC is considered an “essential” business, and other companies still plan on operating as business as usual, I as the owner of CCHP do not find this to be the case. I in fact feel it is our responsibility and duty to comply with this order. This decision was not easy to make, and there were and are many considerations made, and there will be many more in the near future. The health and safety of my employees, customers, the Cape Cod community, and our nation as a whole, takes precedence over us continuing to try and push through this pandemic acting as nothing is happening. This to me is a moral issue, and a moral decision. Our staff have not been trained in infectious diseases, or how to keep safe during these times, and even if they have, it is not right to ask them to work under these conditions if not necessary. Even with the proper protective equipment, I feel it is more essential that our health workers and those who really are a part of our essential work force, get priority over this much needed and harder to come by resource than us if we try to continue to work.

It is with great sorrow and emotion that I announce that as of today March 24th 2020, Cape Cod Heat Pumps will be closing our installation operations until April 7th and most likely into the foreseeable future. We will continue to provide the exceptional service that we are known for, as needed for our existing customers. We will continue to keep our customers up to date on the health of our staff and when we plan on coming back to work, when it is deemed safe to do so.

We understand that many might doubt this decision, or even say it is dramatic step. However, the world we live in and the ground we stand on is changing every moment. This is over an abundance of caution, for the health and safety for those who mean the most to us, and us doing our part to slow the pandemic so we might return to work and serving the Cape Cod community, hopefully soon.

Stay safe & Healthy.

Jared Grier